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 ODYSSEY'S  Recent Tournament Success

2012 FSFA Offshore Slam                                                  1st place Wahoo

2011 Grills Kings in July Tournament                                  1st Place King Mackerel

2007  Boat Max USA Summer Slam                                       3rd  Place Snapper

           Sebastian Inlet Blue Water Open                                  3rd  Place Snapper

2006  Rusty's Summer Slam                                                     1st  Place Grouper

            FSFA Offshore Slam                                                   * 1st  Place Snapper 

          Dodge/WHTQ Saltwater Classic                                 1st  Place Dolphin

             Dodge/WHTQ Saltwater Classic                                  Largest Fish Overall

             Boat Tree Hot Circuit Invitational                                   Top Boat Overall

 *Largest Snapper ( 31.3 lbs ) ever caught in a H.O.T. Fishing Circuit sanctioned tournament

2005    CFOA Memorial Day                                                 1st   Place Grouper

             CFOA Memorial Day                                                 2nd  Place Grouper

             CFOA Memorial Day                                                 2nd  Place Grouper

             FSFA Offshore Slam                                                 3rd   Place Grouper

             Dodge/WHTQ Saltwater Classic                              1st   Place Grouper

             Dodge/WHTQ Saltwater Classic                             3rd   Place Grouper

             Cal Dixon Celebrity Classic                                      2nd  Place Grouper

             Cal Dixon Celebrity Classic                                      3rd   Place Grouper

2004    FSFA Offshore Slam                                                  2nd  Place Snapper

             Dodge/WHTQ Saltwater Classic                               3rd  Place Grouper

             CFOA Memorial Day                                                   1st  Place Grouper

2003    Major Boat Overhaul including re-power during time frame of scheduled touraments

2002    Dodge/WHTQ Saltwater Classic                                1st  Place Snapper

             Dodge/WHTQ Saltwater Classic                               2nd  Place Snapper

             Dodge/WHTQ Saltwater Classic                                3rd  Place Snapper

             CFOA Memorial Day                                                    1st  Place Cobia

             CFOA Memorial Day                                                    1st  Place Snapper

             CFOA Memorial Day                                                    3rd  Place Snapper

             CFOA Memorial Day                                                     1st  Place Bottom Fish Slam

             CFOA Memorial Day                                                    2nd  Place  Lady's Division